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Alessandro Martinisi is an Italian-British scholar who is Assistant Professor of Communication and Media Studies at Franklin University Switzerland, located in Lugano. Alex obtained his PhD from the School of Media and Communication at The University of Leeds, UK. He has been lecturing in universities based in the United Kingdom, Italy, The Netherlands and Lithuania. 

Over the years Alessandro has developed an extensive teaching portfolio that include over ten courses, among them:

- Strategic storytelling

- Statistics

- Political Communication in the Media

- Communication Theories

- Science Communication

His main working languages are English, Italian and Portuguese.

Alessandro has carried out research in the following areas:

- The use of statistics in the public discourse

- Data-driven Journalism

- Health Communication

- Constructive Journalism

He is also interested in:

- De-Westernization

- Orientalism

- Philosophy of Information

As an enthusiastic and devoted Academic, he sees no better purpose in life than passing on his love of learning and research to his own students and peers.

Detailed Curriculum Vitae, either in UK format and Europass format, available here.