Beyond lecturing in Media Research Methods I am also keen to explore neighboring areas such as the usage of statistics and data for political and social purposes. I look at how numbers are used by Mass media to portray social issues and to influence public opinion. 

Another strand of research is the Philosophy of Information. Here I try to find ways to apply the PI as a theoretical framework for a better understanding of  Information ethics, system thinking, Artificial Intelligence and, ultimately, Law.

I consider myself an anti-dogmatic by nature, for this reason I like challenging conventions and widely accepted truths. In this sense, one marginal, but not less important, area of interest, is how Eastern philosophies can enhance or challenge our Western-centric view of  life and science.

Below a summary of my research interests. For a full CV please send me an email by clicking the button below.



Research Methods

Statistics, Quantitative methods, Qualitative methods.


The University of Leeds, United Kingdom

Ph.D. School of Media and Communication.

Data-driven Journalism

Open data, Data-driven storytelling, Law, OSINT.

Philosophy of Information

Logic, Computing, Information Ethics, Information Quality.

De-Westernization of Communication Science

Autopoiesis, Complexity, Systems thinking.


USI, Lugano University, Switzerland

MSc in Communication Sciences,

Major in Media management.


University of Turin, Italy

BA and MA in Arts, Music and Show.

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